Sorry for being gone

Well, it has been pretty busy over here in the land of the Nerdstorian. I am back to work as a teacher and have been made a department chair so that is exciting. I am hoping to get this blog updated more often then not, but it has not been easy. Too much work to be done. I will try.

So what have I been doing on the nerdy, history-minded front? I have read and re-read some books, watched some movies, planned some curriculum, been bugged by my husband to get my podcast going, and just bummed around on the internet. I love books. Well, really I am obsessed with books. I try to read as many as possible. I recently re-read some historical fiction like books like The Other Boylen Girl, Shanghai Girls, Dreams of Joy, and The Paris Wife. I don’t know a lot about the some of the histories these books are based on, but I do know a lot about Tudor England. I am not an expert, but I can tell people a lot of really “boring”, but awesome (at least to me) facts about this era. I was watching men’s rowing yesterday during day one of the Olympics and was making my husband and I late for dinner with his family because I was geeking out over the event taking place on the Thames. 

The Olympics!!! I always love the Olympics. I loved the Opening Ceremonies. They were great. I still need to watch the first part before the children’s lit portion (which was SWEET!!!!) and the part before the Parade of Nations. Freaking NBC cut out the final act before the parade on the encore broadcast. WHY?!?!? I don’t care if Ryan Seacrest has to interview someone. Give me my dang history making, history based Opening Ceremonies. UGH!!! 

Enough for now. I have places to be. I will check in later (I hope) with more specific nerding out.


No sleep

Hello, readers.  Hope all is well. Long time no see. Things got a little busy here in the land of the nerdstorian. Also has a case of the writer’s block. I am back now.


So what upcoming thoughts can you expect from me in the near future? Historical fiction, stuff about Atlanta since I am returning there as a teacher, maybe zombies. I am becoming obsessed with zombies. Probably, start looking at weird history or just completely going full on nerd on some stuff. If you gave any suggestions, let me know. That’s all for now. Must try and get some sleep. Laters!