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Zombie Nerdstorian

MWAHAHAHA!! It’s Halloween, and we are in the holiday spirit! Will and I talk about zombie lore, films, comic books, and all kinds of other tangential bull. Join us for a journey through zombies’ pop culture emergence and re-emergence, and what they have to say about our society. It’s freakin’ awesome, I swear. And why would I lie? Brains!!! (Does contain mild cursing)

Zombie Nerdstorian

Will Winchester- “Theme for Nerdstorian”
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins- “I Put a Spell on You”
The Damned- “Born to Kill”
The Flaming Lips- “Convinced of the Hex”
Donovan-“Season of the Witch”
Wye Oak-“Civilian”
Sparklehorse- “Weird Sisters”

Note: If you like it, go buy it!


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