Nerdstorian in the Atomic City

Hello, listeners. Welcome to episode 7 of the Nerdstorian. Today, we travel to a place that is special to Sarah, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, also known as the Atomic City. We look at Denise Kiernan, not Diane Kiernan (mistake at the end), her book The Girls of Atomic City, and one of its very cool women, Colleen Rowan Black, an employee with the secret project that Oak Ridge was home to. We also look at the sad and strange case of Ebb Cabe, also known as Patient HP-12, who was subjected to experiments of the atomic age. So sit back, take a listen, and travel with us east Tennessee during World War Two on the Nerdstorian.

Colleen Rowan Black

Colleen Rowan Black- picture from Denise Kiernan and Touchstone Books