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So let’s see…

What am I going to talk about? Maybe I should go over the basics. The name of the blog does explain some. I am a girl. Well, I am really a woman, but girl sounds better when you are trying to come up with titles. Next, I am nerdy. As I type this, I am watching Adventure Time on my television that is next to a Tardis and Tyrion Lannister Funko Pop! figure while my PS3 controller charges so that I can play Bioshock Infinite again. Yes, I am married. I have been for over 6 years so someone loves my nerdy. Now the over 30 thing. Yep. I am over 30. As of this blog post, I have been 31 for about three and a half weeks. So that is the basics.

So why then am I writing a blog? Because I welcomed 30 with open arms. Had a lot of fun celebrating it. Lot’s of hope that year. I was leaving a job that did not agree with me and starting a new one where I thought I was going to grow. I had just gotten past some health issues that scared me. I was going to make changes for the better. When I turned 31, well, that was a different story. It’s kind of like one of those flash forwards from a show. You have the bright-eyed, hopeful, younger woman who is going to be awesome. Flash a year later, she is sitting on her couch, in pajamas at 5:00 in the afternoon, unemployed, gained weight, and not that happy with her life. Oh, wait. That is me now. You see, I am writing this blog as an exercise in working on becoming a better person. I want to explore all of the things I love while getting to know myself better and transforming myself into the person I thought I would be in my early 30’s. I hope to become the healthier, more creative, keeping up with her original podcast, happier person than I am now. I hope I can do that.

So. that’s it. That’s the blog in a nutshell. It is only an introduction. I am going to try and keep this updated as much as possible. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy writing it. Thanks.

Also, don’t worry. I will nerd it up plenty. I won’t be serious the whole time!


The Over 30 Nerdy Girl


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