So, I am attempting to get control of some things in my life that I can actually control. I have some big things in my life that I cannot control like being unemployed or starting a family right now, but I do have to take control of something so that I can feel better about my life. I am not sure how long my period of unemployment will last while I look for a job. I start my program from my second graduate degree in a couple of weeks so that I can have access to other jobs beside teaching.  I love teaching, but I may need to go in another direction. So I have some time on my hands to try to make big and positive changes in my life. So what do I want to do? If I am going to change for the better, then what am I going to change? 1. Weight and Feeling Good about Myself- Let’s face it. Most of us have this on our list. I need to work on it. Ten years ago, I was at a weight that I had never been at before as an adult. I weighed about 190. The year before I had weighed 300, but I had weight loss surgery in December 2002. I lost all that weight and stayed like that for a couple of years. Slowly, but surely, I have put on weight. I currently weigh 260. You can see below..

I am in plaid at about 190 lbs.

I am in plaid at about 190 lbs.

Me close to 260.
Me close to 260.

So of course I want to try to get back to what I was. I felt pretty good about myself then. I don’t want to be super skinny. I just want to be healthy and feeling good about your self is part of that. My husband still finds me attractive, but I don’t. I am not all about having to look good for everyone else, but looking good for yourself. I am not even doing that. I don’t put effort in my appearance and that is because I feel that I don’t need to because I am not attractive. That has to change. I have awesome eyes and hair. I am 5’9″ and have long legs. I have a funny smile. I have to be proud of that. I also know that the harder I work on my physical state the better my mental state can ever be. 2. Writing- I have always wanted to write a book. I don’t care if I get published. I want to be able to write a book. I have snippets of short “stories” laying around. I hope to get at least a very crappy first draft done during this time. I also hope to keep this blog up as well. 3. Podcast- I have a history podcast called the Nerdstorian. I love it, but I have not been keeping up with it. I want to change that and relaunch my show. So, that is it for now. These are things I can control. I know it may be difficult, but I know I have it in me. Let’s see what I can do.


Welcome, #12.

Yep. The new Doctor has been revealed as Peter Capaldi. I honestly don’t know much of his work, although I now have access to The Thick of It thanks to Hulu, but I already like him! The official picture from the BBC shows a guy who is going to have fun with this role. I cannot wait to see him in action!




Here comes 12….

So today, August 4th, is the big revel of who the 12th Doctor will be on Doctor Who. I am not watching it live because I don’t have BBCAmerica, but I will on Twitter, following, watching, obsessing. Eeek!

So I came into Doctor Who fandom in late 2010/early 2011. My husband, Will, was working from home, and I was teaching at a nearby middle school. I would get home from work around four, just in time for BBCAmerica to run a rerun of the Doctor. At first, Will and I just had it on for background noise, but then we started watching it. We thought it was cheesy, then goofy, then pretty good, then interested. Netlix had all of 9 and 10’s episodes and the recently finished first series of 11. We saw that series 6 was coming on that fall so Will and I began watching all of the shows and movies of the show. We wanted to be able to watch the new series completely. We made it just in time.

Now we are hooked. We are Whovians. We got our Tardi, ringtones, etc. I am working on the screwdriver. We converted my younger sister to the cause. All of us are now working on my baby sister. She will be moving to college in a couple of weeks to a school that has a very active Quidditch (she is a big HP fan) and Battleship team so I am pretty sure that she will become a Whovian soon.

So now we wait. It is 2:07 Eastern time in Georgia so by the time you read this, the new Doctor will be revealed. I will write my thoughts later. I am going to miss 11. He is my Doctor. (10 is important, but face it. It’s like choosing which child is your favorite.) So let’s enjoy Whovians. It is a new chapter. Time to celebrate. Some reading material below!