About ME!!!

Hello, internet! Welcome to the Nerdstorian blog, which will soon be a podcast. I am your resident nerdstorian, Sarah. By weekday, I am a middle school Social Studies teacher, but by weekend and nights, I am an exhausted middle school Social Studies teacher who likes to nerd out on things, especially history. I am 30 years old, married to Will (follow @wwimchester on Twitter), and have a dog, Libby, and two cats, Coco and Andy.

So what is this whole Nerdstorian thing about. Well, I am a nerd. I love history and all things connected to it. I have a computer and some time on my hands. Oh, I love to tell people weird information when I probably shouldn’t because they wouldn’t care. I have always wanted to make something of my own and after countless times of trying to do mixed media art, learn an instrument, write a book, etc. I decided to try this blog thing. So far, it is fun. Now I will also have a podcast that I hope others will enjoy. It will be available on Soundcloud and iTunes.


If you want to contact me, see below. Can you find me?

Instagram: @sarahwinche
Twitter: @nerdstorian
Gmail: nerdstorian@gmail.com
Google+: nerdstorian
Facebook: Sarah Nerdstorian


One response to “About ME!!!

  1. Very cute idea for a blog. Cute name. I’m going to look forward to following it. BTW, are you a member of your local or state Council for the Social Studies? If not, you should check into it. National Council for the Social Studies as well. Its a place for great teachers who love history like you to connect!!!!

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