So, I am attempting to get control of some things in my life that I can actually control. I have some big things in my life that I cannot control like being unemployed or starting a family right now, but I do have to take control of something so that I can feel better about my life. I am not sure how long my period of unemployment will last while I look for a job. I start my program from my second graduate degree in a couple of weeks so that I can have access to other jobs beside teaching.  I love teaching, but I may need to go in another direction. So I have some time on my hands to try to make big and positive changes in my life. So what do I want to do? If I am going to change for the better, then what am I going to change? 1. Weight and Feeling Good about Myself- Let’s face it. Most of us have this on our list. I need to work on it. Ten years ago, I was at a weight that I had never been at before as an adult. I weighed about 190. The year before I had weighed 300, but I had weight loss surgery in December 2002. I lost all that weight and stayed like that for a couple of years. Slowly, but surely, I have put on weight. I currently weigh 260. You can see below..

I am in plaid at about 190 lbs.

I am in plaid at about 190 lbs.

Me close to 260.
Me close to 260.

So of course I want to try to get back to what I was. I felt pretty good about myself then. I don’t want to be super skinny. I just want to be healthy and feeling good about your self is part of that. My husband still finds me attractive, but I don’t. I am not all about having to look good for everyone else, but looking good for yourself. I am not even doing that. I don’t put effort in my appearance and that is because I feel that I don’t need to because I am not attractive. That has to change. I have awesome eyes and hair. I am 5’9″ and have long legs. I have a funny smile. I have to be proud of that. I also know that the harder I work on my physical state the better my mental state can ever be. 2. Writing- I have always wanted to write a book. I don’t care if I get published. I want to be able to write a book. I have snippets of short “stories” laying around. I hope to get at least a very crappy first draft done during this time. I also hope to keep this blog up as well. 3. Podcast- I have a history podcast called the Nerdstorian. I love it, but I have not been keeping up with it. I want to change that and relaunch my show. So, that is it for now. These are things I can control. I know it may be difficult, but I know I have it in me. Let’s see what I can do.


History themed and non-history themed thoughts a year into The Nerdstorian thing

So, according to WordPress, today is my anniversary. Yes, today is the first anniversary of when I created my blog, the Nerdstorian. I am proud of my little niche of the nerd-verse, and I hope that it goes farther. So what does a year bring. Over a thousand page views, which I am very proud of. A podcast, which has taken over the blog. Renewing my love of history even more than it was. Did I know that because of this little venture I would meet some cool people like the former hosts of Stuff You Missed in History Class, episode 5, Jackie Kaishain, who interviewed Will and me for her very popular podcast, or the guys over a CastBender, who we are working on some cool stuff with? No. It has opened my small world, and I feel proud of this “baby” that I created. So there is that.

Some history thoughts:

I just finished the book, Mary Coin, which is loosely based on those involved with the Migrant Mother photo from the Great Depression. I did enjoy this book because even though the names are changed and the story is just an outline of the lives of the real people, it had me doing my own research into the history of that famous photo. I recommend this book, and I may dedicated a future podcast or blog entry to this photo.

I am working on different blog/podcast topics for the summer. Topics include The Hatch Show Print Shop in Nashville, Tennessee, Crazy Bet van Lew, Disney and the Good Neighbor program (which is also part of a work thing), the dwindling of traditions in Jewish communities in Argentina, possibly another “culture” episode like our zombie one, only about social studies connections in the Avatar: The Last Air Bender and Korra series. It will be a lot of fun. 


Now if only I can make money off of this thing. Haha. One can dream…

Nerdstorian the Fifth: “Stuff You Missed” Edition

What up, nerds? Welcome back. In this just as special as other special episodes episode, Sarah and Will visit the How Stuff Works offices in Atlanta to talk with “Stuff You Missed in History Class” hosts Sarah and Deblina about history faves, podcasting, cat poodling, and the Norman invasion of 2066 (not a typo). Meanwhile, Will’s passion for gratuitous reverb is challenged by natural acoustics and poor mic placement.



“Theme for Nerdstorian”, Will Winchester

“Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)”, Boney James


Stuff You Missed in History Cast

Nerdstorian Whocast

Welcome to our third episode of the Nerdstorian podcast. On this episode, we have a special guest, Diane Martin, of the DiHard podcast. We discuss Doctor Who, his connection to historical figures, especially Madame de Pompadour from the episode “The Girl in the Fireplace”, and general history/Whovian nerdiness. You can follow Diane on Twitter at @dihard11, her blog at, and as a contributor to the Nerdist site. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to hit us up at Also remember to follow us on Twitter: Sarah @nerdstorian, Will @wwimchester, and the podcast @nerdstoriancast.


Nerdstorian Whocast

Just some small thoughts:

I love Doctor Who. I am a definite Whovian. So as a Whovian and history nerd, I, of course, love episodes showing and/or dealing with historical figures. My favorite episode is where Amy and the 11th Doctor meet Vincent van Gough. It is such a wonderful episode that make me smile and cry every time I watch it. Below are the historical figures that have appeared in the show since the 1st Doctor in 1963. It shows which Doctor, the actor, and the episode. I am planning on getting more detailed on some specifics on here and maybe, just maybe the podcast.

Historical figure Actor(s) Doctor Episode/Serial(s)
Tigellinus Brian Proudfoot 1st The Romans
Lucius Caecilius Iucundus Peter Capaldi 10th The Fires of Pompeii
Poppaea Sabina Kay Patrick 1st The Romans
Nero Derek Francis 1st The Romans
Saladin Bernard Kay 1st The Crusade
Al-Adil I Roger Avon 1st The Crusade
Richard I of England Julian Glover 1st The Crusade
Joan of England, Queen of Sicily Jean Marsh 1st The Crusade
John, King of England Gerald Flood 5th The King’s Demons
Robert de Beaumont, 4th Earl of Leicester John Bay 1st The Crusade
Kublai Khan Martin Miller 1st Marco Polo
Marco Polo Mark Eden 1st Marco Polo
Gaspard de Coligny Leonard Sachs 1st The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve
Catherine de’ Medici Joan Young 1st The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve
Elizabeth I of England Vivienne Bennett 1st The Chase
Angela Pleasence 10th The Shakespeare Code
Charles IX of France Barry Justice 1st The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve
William Shakespeare[1] Hugh Walters 1st The Chase
Dean Lennox Kelly 10th The Shakespeare Code
William Kempe David Westhead 10th The Shakespeare Code
Cyrano de Bergerac David Cannon 2nd The Mind Robber
Charles II of England Paul Critoph 11th The Impossible Astronaut
Blackbeard Gerry Wain 2nd The Mind Robber
Henry Avery Hugh Bonneville 11th The Curse of the Black Spot
A Good Man Goes to War
Louis XV of France Ben Turner 10th The Girl in the Fireplace
Madame de Pompadour Jessica Atkins 10th The Girl in the Fireplace
Sophia Myles
Paul François Jean Nicolas, vicomte de Barras John Law 1st The Reign of Terror
Maximilien Robespierre Keith Anderson 1st The Reign of Terror
Napoleon I[2] Tony Wall 1st The Reign of Terror
George Stephenson Gawn Grainger 6th The Mark of the Rani
Abraham Lincoln Robert Marsden 1st The Chase
Charles Dickens Simon Callow 9th The Unquiet Dead
11th The Wedding of River Song
Queen Victoria[3] Pauline Collins 10th Tooth and Claw
Louis Pasteur unknown 7th Time and the Rani
Paul Gachet Howard Lee 11th The Pandorica Opens
Benjamin Briggs David Blake Kelly 1st The Chase
Albert Richardson Dennis Chinnery 1st The Chase
Virgil Earp Victor Carin 1st The Gunfighters
Ike Clanton William Hurndall 1st The Gunfighters
Wyatt Earp John Alderson 1st The Gunfighters
Johnny Ringo Laurence Payne 1st The Gunfighters
Big Nose Kate Sheena Marshe 1st The Gunfighters
Doc Holliday Anthony Jacobs 1st The Gunfighters
Vincent van Gogh Tony Curran 11th Vincent and the Doctor
The Pandorica Opens
Bat Masterson Richard Beale 1st The Gunfighters
Warren Earp Martyn Huntley 1st The Gunfighters
Billy Clanton David Cole 1st The Gunfighters
H. G. Wells David Chandler 6th Timelash
Winston Churchill[4] Ian McNeice 11th The Beast Below
Victory of the Daleks
The Pandorica Opens
The Wedding of River Song
Albert Einstein Tom O’Leary 7th Time and the Rani
Nickolas Grace 11th Death Is the Only Answer
Charlie Chaplin M. J. Matthews 1st The Daleks’ Master Plan
Adolf Hitler[5] Albert Welling 11th Let’s Kill Hitler
Agatha Christie Fenella Woolgar 10th The Unicorn and the Wasp
Bing Crosby Robert Jewell 1st The Daleks’ Master Plan
Richard Nixon Stuart Milligan 11th The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon
Elizabeth II Mary Reynolds 7th Silver Nemesis
Jessica Martin 10th Voyage of the Damned
Barack Obama Unknown 10th The End of Time

Some more side notes: There won’t be a new podcast for a couple of weeks due to some health things. But I have some great things planned so I am excited!

Podcast Corrections

Hi! So in the podcast found below, I made a mistake about blister plastering. What I was thinking of was a form of cupping, which when overdone can cause horrible blisters. I do apologize. According to the following website Medicine-in-Jacksonian America ( blister plastering is:

“The application of blister plasters was another way of cleansing the system. These were usually made of mustard or Spanish flies (cantharides) which were powdered and mixed with liquids to make a plaster. The compound caused great irritation to the skin; when blisters discharged the pus, much of the harmful matter supposedly was expelled. Once cleansed of its irritants, the body could be restored to health by the use of tonics. Arsenic, mercury, lime, copper, iron, and nitric acid frequently were used as components of the various restorative solutions and compounds.”

Always something to learn here at the Nerdstorian!


A Duchess, A Movie, A Book, and A Podcast?

Hello, internet! It’s a cloudy, kind of rainy Saturday here at my apartment, but I like it that way. My husband, Will, has been helping me prepare for my first podcast!! I am excited. I thought I would preview a little of what we will be talking about in my first episode.

In college, I took several classes with a professor named Dr. Michael de Nie. These classes were about British and Irish History, which is an area of history I adore. While in one of these classes, I read Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman. It is now published as The Duchess. (See below)

Image  Image

Anyway, this book is a great biography about Georgiana, who was born in 1757, married William, the Duke of Devonshire in 1774, and lead an interesting, albeit sometimes tragic, life as one of the most influential women in Britain. She grew up much loved by her parents and younger siblings, but she was constantly striving to please everyone she met. This was how she remained for the rest of her life. Her husband was the de facto leader of the Whig Party, which advocated personal freedom and that sovereignty ultimately rested with the people. She founded Salons that had the important literary and political figures meeting to discuss ideas of the day. In a world where women had little or no rights, she held rallies, fundraisers, and drives to get the vote for Whig and Devonshire candidates.

Georgiana’s marriage was a fairly loveless one. Her husband, the Duke, was a powerful man, who had many affairs, including with Georgiana’s best friend, Elizabeth Foster. He fathered child by a mistress before his marriage to Georgiana, several children with Georgiana, and two children with Elizabeth. Georgiana was involved with other men, but she was specifically involved with Lord Charles Gray, the future Prime Minister. She had a child with him, Eliza, who she was forced to give up and  was raised by his family. Georgiana is the great-great-great-great-aunt of Princess Diana (Spencer) through her brother, George Spencer, and the great-great-great-great grandmother of Sarah Ferguson, the former Duchess of York, through her daughter, Eliza, with Gray. She was also a friend and pen pal with Marie Antoinette. She had to end her affair with Gray when the Duke made her choose between her lover and her Devonshire children. She ultimately choose her children by the Duke.

Georgiana was also fashion icon in late 18th century England. She was known for her hair styles as being BIG, outrageous, and daring. I have included one example.Image

In 2008, a movie version called The Duchess was released with Kiera Knightley as Georgiana and Ralph Fiennes as the Duke. They were good in their roles, but I did have an issue with the ages (Georgiana and the Duke were 7 years apart. They were married when she was 17, and he was 24.) I also had an issue with the fact they glossed over her influence in politics, her childhood, and even her status in fashion. It was mostly about love, affairs, freedom, etc. That part is interesting. Heck, I even mention it. Read the book. It’s great. The movie is good, but the book is better. Below are some photos from the movie.

Look at that hair!!!! ^


The Duke^


Close up on the hair^

Anyway, get ready for the upcoming podcast. I will really get into the above subject matter and have some fun with it. Just one more picture to make us smile.


Who doesn’t love corgis?